These pictures show some of the rubbish left in Christchurch Park, Ipswich, after travellers moved off the site on Sunday evening.

Several caravans pitched up at the northern end of the park in the early hours of last Wednesday.

Portable bins were placed around the encampment while the travellers were at the park.

However, rubbish – including bags and children's toys – were left strewn across the grass on Monday morning after their departure.

Ipswich Borough Council said it would be cleaning up the site on Monday so that it is "swiftly back in general public use".

A spokesman said: “Ipswich Borough Council confirms that all travellers have now left Christchurch Park following the swift and robust actions of the council, as well as its partners, to ensure their departure.

"The council will be cleaning-up on Monday to ensure that all areas of the park are swiftly back in general public use.”

Oliver Holmes, Ipswich borough councillor for the St Margaret's ward, said he visited the park on Monday morning.

He said: "I have been down and spoken to a few people. It's pleasing for all of us that they have moved on.

"There has been some rubbish and the park wardens have been very busy cleaning it all up. Hopefully, we're getting back to normal now.

"It wasn't expected to see them arrive – I've never seen travellers get access to the park before. Residents have been concerned, but Ipswich Borough Council dealt with it pretty well.

"But hopefully now we can get back to normal and get on with the summer season of activities."