There are many things you can find in Ipswich such as a football stadium and shopping centres. 

But what is Ipswich missing?

We asked our readers, and here are five things that you think Ipswich should have.

1. A roller rink

Roller skating can be great fun when done on a hardwood rink with loud music blasting and bright coloured lights flashing. 

The nearest roller rinks to Ipswich are in Bury St Edmunds and Colchester. 

Later this month Rollerworld will be coming to Inspire. 

Ipswich Star: There used to be flights to Clacton which took around 15 minutesThere used to be flights to Clacton which took around 15 minutes (Image: Newsquest)

2. Airport 

Did you know Ipswich used to have an airport? 

The airport first opened in 1928 and the idea was first put forward by the Air Ministry in October that year. 

It shut in 1996 and the Ravenswood housing estate is now on the land.

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Ikea was founded in 1943 in Sweden when Ingvar Kamprand started selling goods like pens and wallets.

As well as its flat pack furniture, Ikea is also loved for the cafe which sells a variety of Swedish dishes such as Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce. 

There are 460 stores across the world, so should they make it 461 by opening a stotre in Ipswich?

Ipswich Star: The main pool has a springboard and a slideThe main pool has a springboard and a slide (Image: Sonya Duncan)

4. A lido

Broomhill Lido in Ipswich closed in 2002 and is yet to reopen despite its popularity with those who grew up in Ipswich. 

There is a lido nearby in Beccles which has three heated pools for everyone to enjoy.

5. Indoor skate park

There are many outdoor skateparks in Ipswich such as Whitehouse Skatepark on Norwich Road. 

Area 25 Skatepark was an indoor skatepark in Kesgrave but closed in March 2019.