Driving over bridges and taking selfies with a statue, here are five things everyone in Ipswich has done once in their life as chosen by you.

1. Driven over the Orwell Bridge

Ipswich Star: There is a 40mph speed limit when there are high windsThere is a 40mph speed limit when there are high winds (Image: Lucy Taylor)

The Orwell Bridge connects the A14 over the River Orwell, which is where it got its name from.

Construction of the bridge began in October 1979 and was officially opened by David Howell on December 17, 1982.

Did you know the total length of the bridge is 1,287 metres?

2. Walked through Christchurch Park

Opening in 1895, Christchurch Park was the first public park in Ipswich. 

It officially 'reopened' in May 2008 following a £4.5 million restoration project.

There are over 33 hectares of grounds for you to walk through.

3. Gone to Portman Road Stadium

Portman Road Stadium has been the home of Ipswich Town Football club since 1884 - six years after the club was formed. 

There is capacity for just under 30,000 people and it sees thousands of both home and away fans on match days. 

The venue also hosts other events such as concerts.

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4. Taken a selfie with the Giles Statue

Ipswich Star: The statue was unveiled in 1993The statue was unveiled in 1993 (Image: Gregg Brown)

The Giles Statue, also known as 'The Grandma Statue', depicts the cartoon family made by illustrator Carl Giles.

The statue shows Grandma, The Twins and Rush the dog. 

It is positioned so that Grandma is looking up at the window of the former East Suffolk House where Giles used to work. 

5. Walk along the Waterfront

The Waterfront in Ipswich was used for trade as far back as the seventh century and was a functioning dock from 1842 up until the 1970s. 

Now the area is home to bars, cafes and bistros with views over the marina. 

There are also events and festivals held throughout the year such as the Ipswich Weekender Festival.