One of Suffolk's favourite wildlife parks is hoping to save a second animal from a zoo in Sweden which is soon to close.

Jimmy's Farm, in Wherstead near Ipswich, is hoping to save a brown bear which is soon to be put to sleep.

The bear, called Diego, has been based at Orsa Predator Park and is the last bear left at the park.

Jimmy's Farm, owned by TV presenter and farmer, Jimmy Doherty, are hoping to raise enough money to build Diego his own world-class facility at the park.

Ipswich Star: Jimmy DohertyJimmy Doherty (Image: Newsquest)

Mr Doherty said: "To make room for a leisure facility, the staff at Orsa were ordered to dispense of all animals and any that could not be removed were to be put to sleep.

"We now have a mission on our hands and it's a race against time.

"Please help us raise enough money for Diego, to build him a large reserve and give him the best chance of survival."

Ipswich Star: Diego the brown bearDiego the brown bear (Image: Jimmy's Farm)

If successful, Diego would be the second bear saved by the farm after it brought polar bear, Ewa, over from the zoo to Suffolk.

Ewa is now homed in Europe's largest polar bear reserve at Jimmy's Farm, following a 12-month move from Scandinavia to Suffolk, and her reserve will be open to the public from October 21.

Mr Doherty continued: "We have recently rescued Ewa, and with your help, we hope to do the same for Diego."

Ipswich Star: Ewa the polar bear was brought over from SwedenEwa the polar bear was brought over from Sweden (Image: Charlotte Bond)

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the wildlife park bring Diego over, which in just one day has amassed over £5,000, and is continuing to gain money, with donations flooding in.

The target amount they hope to raise is £70,000, which would help them build the world-class facility for Diego.

To see more information, or to donate, click here.

Ipswich Star: Diego enjoying a restDiego enjoying a rest (Image: Wildwood Trust)