A school in Ipswich has been granted planning permission to install an all-weather, cutting-edge 3G pitch on the school grounds.

Westbourne Academy will install a new pitch, which is fully funded by the Football Association and the Academy Transformation Trust, which will be able to be used all year round.

The 3G pitch will enable the academy to 'significantly bolster the sports programs' and 'enable students to train and compete at a higher level'.

Mr Mark Bouckley, principal, said: "This achievement marks a significant milestone in the academy's ongoing commitment to providing enhanced sports facilities and promoting physical well-being within the academy and local community."

The school has also said that the 3G pitch will be accessible to residents outside of school hours, which is in line with the school's mission to be an integral part of the local community.

The school went on to say: 'This 3G pitch reflects the dedication of Westbourne Academy to its students, staff and the broader community.

'The academy is excited about the potential this 3G pitch holds for the future.'