The trial of two Ipswich teenagers accused of stabbing an 18-year-old to death in the town centre will resume in the new year.

Raymond James Quigley, 18 and from Wymondham, Norfolk, was stabbed to death in Ipswich town centre as he walked down Westgate Street with two friends on January 17.

Mr Quigley died at the scene, between Marks & Spencer and the former Debenhams building.

Two teenagers stand accused of his murder.

Alfie Hammett, 19 and of Larkhill Rise, Rushmere St Andrew, and Joshua Howell, 18 and of Wellington Street, Ipswich, have been charged with the murder of Mr Quigley and possession of an offensive murder weapon in a public place.

Both have pleaded not guilty to each offence.

The trial has been ongoing at Ipswich Crown Court for the past two weeks.

The jury has heard evidence that each of the three teenagers had associations with gangs. Mr Quigley was known to be connected with a Norfolk gang called On The Money, or OTM, Hammett was associated with the Third Side Norwich gang, while Howell was associated with the Nacton gang.

The court has also heard evidence from Shaun Hammett, the father of Alfie Hammett, who said that he had secretly fitted a tracking device to his son’s moped. 

Later, police were able to use the information from the tracker to show the moped had been parked at Bishops Hill and after that were able to follow on CCTV the journey of a suspect they have called ‘Male One’, who the prosecution argue is Hammett.

However, Mr Hammett said that when he asked his son directly if he had anything to do with the stabbing, he had said no.

On Monday, the court from two women who had been in Starbucks and tried to save Mr Quigley's life. 

In court today, presiding judge Martyn Levett told the jury that they would next be required to attend court on January 4, with the trial now having paused for Christmas.