Ipswich MP Tom Hunt has joined dozens of his colleagues who has signed a House of  Commons Motion calling on Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle to quit after Wednesday's chaotic debate on a ceasefire in Gaza.

Both Conservative and SNP MPs have signed the motion after the debate ended in chaos with Scottish members walking out of the Chamber and a Labour amendment was passed after Tory MPs refused to vote.

The problems arose after Sir Lindsay went against convention and allowed two amendments to be put to members during the SNP's motion on a ceasefire.

Labour was anxious that its amendment should be put, alongside the government's, in a bid to avoid splitting the party - and was concerned about threats that had been made to some of its MPs if they did not support the motion.

Normally only one amendment is allowed and the SNP felt the Speaker's actions had deprived it of the opportunity of seeing its motion fully debated.

Mr Hunt said: “Yesterday was a very depressing day for Parliament. It’s critical that the Speaker holds the confidence of the house and is widely seen as impartial.

"Sadly after yesterday’s events I no longer feel like this is case. There is strong cross Party anger at the decision of the Speaker to sharply go against the advice of the Head Clerk and essentially bend to pressure by the Labour Party leadership.

“I must say I’m also deeply concerned that the decision to up end long established conventions by the Speaker appears to have been influenced by pressure from the mob.

"Under no circumstances should we capitulate to the mob. I myself have had a number of death threats over the past few months but I will never let them influence my views or votes.

"I will also stand up for what I believe to be the best interests of the country.

“With regard to the Speaker. Weakness cannot be an excuse. There is clearly something wrong when all his cheerleaders come from one political Party which seems to be the case at the moment.”