An Ipswich man accused of stalking his former partner told police in interviews that harassment allegations "came out of nowhere”, a court heard.

The trial of Kyle Wiggins, 25 and of Clapgate Lane in Ipswich, has continued at Ipswich Crown Court.

Wiggins is accused of stalking his former partner, with whom he shares a child, from October 31, 2022, to April 8 last year. Wiggins denies the charge.

On Thursday, excerpts from police interviews with Wiggins were read before the court. His partner had reported him for harassing her in March, leading to his arrest on March 17.

 According to summary transcripts, Wiggins told police that “This strange allegation came out of nowhere,” referring to the first time the woman had reported him to the police for harassment in January 2020.

“There’s obviously something [in her] that we need to get to the bottom of to find out what’s making her scared,” he said. He told police he did not want the woman to be scared, and said he believed she loved him.

The terms of Wiggins’ bail were not to contact the woman directly. However, police were called to her home on April 8 to find the defendant outside. He was arrested at the scene.

When asked why he had continued to contact the woman, Wiggins said: “We have a child, we have to speak.”

Officers also put to Wiggins that messages the woman had been receiving from an unknown number were sent by him using his deceased mother’s phone, which had been found in a sports bag in his bedroom. The messages said that the woman and her child were “in danger of losing Kyle” and that the three of them should be living together. Wiggins denied sending these messages multiple times.

Wiggins remains in custody. The trial will continue on Monday.