Anger is growing over the use of an Ipswich road as a 'rat run' as surveys were distributed by a community leader in a bid to have action taken.

Residents in Humber Doucy Lane say they have faced many near-misses and pets have been killed as drivers use the lane to avoid busier roads.

They also claim the lane is so narrow it can barely accommodate two lanes of traffic.

Suffolk County Council carried out an informal survey in 2022 to see if residents living in the road, to the north-east of Ipswich, would support a trial to restrict traffic.

The survey, commissioned by the area's county councillor Paul West - who is also cabinet member for Ipswich, operational highways and flooding - found three to one residential support in favour of restricting traffic.

Ipswich Star: There are no pavements on Humber Doucy Lane.There are no pavements on Humber Doucy Lane. (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Officers were then told to consult the same residents on an option for an experimental traffic order, where the change would be made on a temporary basis before deciding whether it would be made permanent.

But according to the council's decision report, a second survey was issued containing "misinformation" about the proposals and influencing people to respond against any change.

People from as far flung as the town centre responded to the survey, and the council included these responses in the results, which residents said skewed the results in favour of not restricting traffic.

Residents living in the area say this is unfair and would like to see other options explored – such as speedbumps, lowering the speed limit, limiting traffic to one lane or other options.

Rebecca Turner said: “The fact that the surveys were open to all and sundry was just not fair.

"We could have made our friends and family from far and wide vote in support our side of the argument.

“Residents who live far away use our road but do not live here, so they don’t have to deal with the issues we have to.”

Ms Turner added: "We would like a proper safety survey completed and suggestions made. The road being closed is just one option. There were other options we wanted to discuss."

Some residents fear traffic would also be made worse by plans for 600-home development off Humber Doucy Lane.

Nola Jepson said: “I have nearly been hit. It’s not just people and humans – birds and cats have been killed. Drivers just go too fast.

"It’s a lane, not a road, and it’s being used as a rat run.”

Ipswich Star: Humber Doucy Lane is barely wide enough to accommodate two lanes of traffic.Humber Doucy Lane is barely wide enough to accommodate two lanes of traffic. (Image: Andrew Durrell)

Andrew Durrell added: “There is a total apathy to doing anything. Sadly, it will take someone being killed or seriously injured before anyone listens.”

A spokesperson from Suffolk Highways at the county council said that Mr West is considering alternative measures.

The spokesperson said: “Following an informal consultation by the county councillor with the residents of the southern part of Humber Doucy Lane in 2022, Suffolk County Council formally proposed three solutions that were consulted upon.

“Following the consultation and taking into account all views expressed, a report was prepared, which is available to view on the SCC website.

“The local councillor is considering alternative measures to be funded through the county councillor’s Local Highway Budget.”