Ipswich drumming prodigy Nandi Bushell will be offering a free hour of musical lessons for students at a new music school.

The announcement is ahead of the opening of Stairways Music School, which is run by those who helped encourage her talent.

The school was announced last July, and on May 11 it will be opening its doors for the first time. 

The school is hosted by Burlington on London Road and Nandi has promised that any student who books their slot in advance will receive one hour of free music lessons. 

Many will be familiar with the 14-year-old's meteoric rise as a performer.

Her father, John Bushell, encouraged his daughter’s natural sense of rhythm and began uploading covers of Nandi playing to social media.  

Since then, Nandi has performed at Wembley Stadium, Buckingham Palace, and returned to the O2 Arena in January.

She has also had Hollywood actor Josh Brolin appear in her music videos.

Ipswich Star: Many locals would have followed Nandi's riseMany locals would have followed Nandi's rise (Image: John and Nandi Bushell) 

Now, Nandi and her parents would like to continue to inspire and support the musical development of people from her generation. 

The school has been made possible by partnering up with music companies such as Fender and Roland delivering courses to both adults and children. 

Nandi's father John Bushell is the director of business and marketing for the music school, and he said: “Ipswich might end up being a musical hub for the future.

"We might get some of the greatest bands that have ever existed coming from Ipswich, from Stairways.” 

For Nandi, this is an exciting opportunity to build connections with other musical talents. 

She said: "I hope to inspire the kids of Ipswich to pick up an instrument and start making music with me!

"This free open day is their chance to try something new. It will be a lot of fun!"