Neighbours have spoken out against proposals to replace parking bays in their street with garages which they say could lead to further parking issues. 

Plans were sent in September last year to the Ipswich Borough Council to convert the nine parking spaces in Oakstead Close.

The spaces are owned by a private company called Secure A Space Ltd with the application submitted by a Luke Kelly. 

The application called the spaces "unwanted", saying that despite marketing and reduction of prices two-thirds of the parking spaces remain empty.

Concerned residents dispute this saying it is due to the price of the spaces and has meant most people are parking on the streets rather than in the bays.

Resident Richard Burnell said when he moved into the close the parking bays six years ago they were priced at £300 and this is now closer to £750.

He said: "We don't use the parking space because we cannot afford it."

Other residents raised similar concerns, with John Sams saying that the parking on the streets has meant that the street is narrower. 

"It may not be the case, but we genuinely worry that an emergency vehicle may not be able to the flats at the end of the close," he added.

Ipswich Star: Residents complain that high prices for parking has resulated in people parking on the streetsResidents complain that high prices for parking has resulated in people parking on the streets (Image: Public)

The increased prices for parking have also caused concern for the residents about visitors. 

Oakstead Close opens onto Spring Road right next to The Fat Cat pub. 

Residents complained that The Fat Cat patrons would also park on their road, resulting in residents struggling to park.

They also said this has resulted in cars being scratched and some reporting it taking around 40 minutes to find a parking space. 

They hence believe that the proposed garages will only make the situation worse on their street. 

The garages would be made from concrete and have metal doors.  

One block is set to consist of six separate garages, while the other would accommodate three storages. 

Secure A Space was contacted for comment.

Ipswich Borough Council will make a decision about the proposals in due course.