Why are so many pubs closing?

The Maypole, in Old Norwich Road, is just one of the many pubs to close down. Photo: Google.

The Maypole, in Old Norwich Road, is just one of the many pubs to close down. Photo: Google. - Credit: Archant

The number of pubs closing down in Ipwsich is a part of a worrying trend which is being repeated daily across the nation.

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, say up to 14 pubs are shutting for good every week in Britain.

The organisation says heavy taxes on beer, high business rates and VAT are at the root of the problem which is impacting countless communities.

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“Pubs are vital to local communities and economies. In many areas and villages, they provide the last remaining public meeting space, with meeting halls and post offices already lost,” a CAMRA spokesman said.

“They also create jobs and bring money into local areas, which tend to be spent in the local area, as compared to large chain cafes.

“Many pubs help to support the night time economy in town centres and create safer communities after nightfall.

“They play a vital part in many people’s social lives, providing a place to meet and socialise and feel part of a community - even if you’re just sitting in the corner reading the paper rather than joining in the conversation at the bar. How many people have celebrated a wedding in a pub, marked the arrival of a new baby with friends at the bar or made a new colleague feel welcome with a pint?”

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The spokesman added: “CAMRA is incredibly concerned with the huge number of pubs closures in recent years, with 14 closing their doors every week. These shocking figures are part of a wider trend that has seen pubs as easy targets for property developers while crippled by a heavy tax burden made up of beer duty, business rates and VAT.

“Faced with spiralling business costs, many pubs are forced to close their doors forever or raise their prices - which can also result in closure as consumers turn to cheap, supermarket beer.

“We have therefore launched a three-point plan to save the Great British pub, calling for urgent reform to business rates, an urgent and full review of the Pubs Code, and a lower rate of duty for beer sold in pubs, which we believe will help stem the tide of closures across the country.”