Young woman spiked with needle during night out in Ipswich

Chloe Ward believes she was a victim of injection spiking in Ipswich

Chloe Ward reported the alleged incident to police and took to social media to share her experience - Credit: Chloe Ward

A night out in Ipswich ended in distress and sadness for a 22-year-old who believes she was a victim of a spiking injection. 

Chloe Ward, a 22-year-old from Trimley St Martin, was out with friends on Saturday, October 30 at Revolution, where she believes she was the victim of a needle spiking. 

She said: "It took a little while to get into the bar, so I know I hadn't drunk too much. I got a few drinks, keeping them in my sight at all time, and then I don't remember a lot beyond that. 

"My friend says I was communicating as we left the bar and walked to Unit 17, but when we got there my speech started slurring and I collapsed. 

"I was in and out of consciousness and very distressed but luckily I wasn't alone and the staff at Unit 17 and paramedics helped keep me safe. 

"The next day I noticed a pain in my hip - achy and sore, like I'd had an injection. It wasn't until I checked that I noticed the bruising and then I saw the pinprick in my clothes in the same place. 

"I didn't drink too much and thought I knew exactly what I was doing, but it still happened to me. And it's sad, it's sad we can't even go out to have a good time without worrying." 

The Revolution bar and nightclub in Ipswich Picture: MARK LANGFORD

The alleged incident is thought to have occurred at Revolution - Credit: Archant

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A spokesperson for Revolution bar said: "The safety and wellbeing of our guests is our number one priority.

"This means ensuring our teams are vigilant, our guests know who to speak to if they feel unsafe or unwell, and we all work together to call out those who behave inappropriately or suspiciously.

"Our fully trained and licensed door staff routinely search guests as they enter, and we are increasing these.

"We enforce a strict zero-tolerance policy to abusive behaviour and have CCTV coverage throughout our bars.

"Our bar teams regularly remove unattended drinks, and we ensure our management and door teams are trained to identify and support vulnerable guests.

"Everyone is committed to creating a positive, enjoyable environment and our management teams work continuously with other venues, local authorities and police on initiatives to ensure a safe nightlife."

A Suffolk Constabulary spokesman confirmed that multiple incidents were being investigated and enquiries were ongoing

They said: "Officers can confirm they received three reports of incidents over the weekend in Ipswich where members of the public believe they were pricked with a needle or drink spiked. 

"There were three incidents at two separate venues over the weekend - two at Revolution bar and one at Bar 21. Two of the reported incidents included use of a needle and the other reported incident was of a drink spiking." 

The reported incidents came on the same weekend as the Ipswich Night In boycott of night venues, which was planned for Friday, October 29. 

The campaign was launched to raise awareness and "hopefully change attitudes towards victims of spiking and how to prevent it".