Gallery: Ipswich singer Jade Mayjean Peters to watch her face-off with Gemyni in The Voice at Ipswich’s Spread Eagle pub

Jade Mayjean Peters during vocal training

Jade Mayjean Peters during vocal training - Credit: BBC/Wall to Wall

Ipswich’s Jade Mayjean Peters faces a battle for survival on The Voice tomorrow night as she takes on duo Gemyni.

The 21-year-old singing sensation from Rushmere admitted to that facing off against the double-act was “nerve-wracking” as she was afraid the twin sisters could use their two voices “tactically”.

However she added: “I think it went really well.”

Jade will be watching the show in the Spread Eagle pub on Saturday night with family and friends before performing a set with her band.

She’s also performing an acoustic set outside Debenham’s between 12pm and 1pm on Saturday.

Now that her celebrity has increased in the town Jade is getting used to turning heads.

“A lot of kids go, ‘Mum, mum, it’s Jade from The Voice’, and other people want photographs, it feels really good,” she said.

“Everybody has been so supportive and really rooting for me and my fan base has really expanded massively.

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“A lot of people are coming to watch me and the more people to come and watch the better… It’s a showcase of how hard you’ve been working and what you’ve been doing.”

Jade said her experience on the show so far has been “absolutely amazing”.

“It’s incredible how much it has helped me, I’ve never had vocal lessons before so having those has made my voice so much stronger.”

Life, she said, had become “hectic”, with her travelling to Manchester for the show and working harder than ever to promote her career.

“I just want to do everything that’s music related so when I’m not in Manchester I’m working on my own album and doing whatever I can to make my career more successful.”

Her new album will be released after the series is over, and although Jade isn’t giving away too much about it, she did reveal there is a lot of acoustic material on there and that it is “heartfelt”.

At every turn Jade has had unfaltering support from her friends and family.

“They have just been so supportive,” she said, “messaging me all the time and posting pictures and inspirational messages online.”