The opening date for a new bar that "caters for everyone" opening up in a former live Ipswich music pub has been announced.

Signs for the new venue named Bar A to Z were spotted in the former Pump and Grind building last month.

A soft launch for the new bar will be held on Wednesday with the grand opening taking place on Thursday.

Bosses at Bar A to Z said they are "excited, ecstatic and relieved" to be opening the new venue.

Ipswich Star: A to Z Bosses Hasan Demaj and Jay DeverellA to Z Bosses Hasan Demaj and Jay Deverell (Image: CHARLOTTE BOND)

They added: "There’s a lot of nightlife in Ipswich but we have created something that is literally for everyone.

"It ticks all the boxes and it is really exciting.

"What we are concentrating on is a gap we have seen in the market which is more of a party night out like the old Chicago's with 80s, 90s 00s tunes in the selected evenings.

"It caters for everyone and everyone is welcome.

Ipswich Star: The new bar is opening this weekThe new bar is opening this week (Image: CHARLOTTE BOND)

"It has been going on for over three years. When we arranged a viewing with Penn Commercial in January 2019 we came in and had a look and when we opened the back door there was pigeons in there and empty glasses.

"It was like they locked the doors ten years ago and walked out.

"In the new year we are going to be opening at 6am for breakfast every day, a small daytime menu and carvery on a Sunday."

The bar will also be showing Sky Sports and BT Sports as well as live bands and singers during the day.

Pump & Grind closed its doors for the final time in 2016 after the building's tenant and owner could not come to an agreement over the lease for the pub.