Two more polar bears have arrived at a wildlife park near Ipswich. 

Jimmy's Farm and Wildlife Park announced the arrival of Flocke and Tala on social media. 

A video shows the bears exploring their new home and diving into the water for a swim. 

It comes after Ewa the polar bear came to the farm after a rehoming project brought her to Suffolk via the Eurostar.

The new Tundra reserve is home to a host of new animals alongside Ewa including the largest pack of 13 Arctic wolves in the UK, which have been rehomed from Cumbria Wildlife Park, the resident herd of reindeer and Arctic foxes. 

They are not the only bears to be rescued and rehomed in the park. 

Owner Jimmy Doherty embarked on a mission to save Diego the brown bear in October 2023, shortly after the arrival of Ewa the polar bear. 

Both Ewa and Diego were rescued from Orsa Predator Park in Sweden, which shut in 2022 and was sold to developers. 

Visitors will be able to see Diego from Thursday, March 28.