Roadworks causes 24km diversion near Ipswich Tesco

Tesco Extra in Copdock. Reports of young drivers gathering and racing through Pinewood, disturbing r

The A1214 near Ipswich Tesco at the Copdock Interchange. 

Concerns have been raised about roadworks creating a 24km diversion near Ipswich Tesco at the Copdock Interchange. 

The A1214 near Suffolk One in the Pinewood area will be closed from Saturday, August 14 until Monday, August 16 so essential roadworks can be carried out. 

Drivers are being told it will add on around 30 minutes to their journey by taking the A14 and coming around to go on the A1189, A1156 and then the A1214.

This has brought concern from local councillors who feel Suffolk Highways is letting residents down by not having "joined-up thinking". 

Babergh district councillor for Sproughton and Pinewood, Zachary Norman said: "It's a massive pollution issue. 

"We have had this same issue come up and we thought [Suffolk Highways] had come up with a [solution] which causes fewer problems for residents."

A contraflow lane was seen as one solution for Mr Norman. 

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"Why is there no joined-up thinking on this?" he added. 

"It feels like they can't be bothered." 

Conservative councillor for Belstead Christopher Hudson

Conservative councillor for Belstead Christopher Hudson - Credit: Simon Lee

Christopher Hudson, Suffolk county councillor for Belstead Brook division, which covers Pinewood, said he's really worried about the pollution issue as well. 

"Most residents are concerned for their health," he said. "The issues came up at two meetings at the parish council. 

"The pollution caused by everyone queuing there seems like a divisive issue."

Mr Hudson feels there seems to be an increase in traffic issues for residents in his area, on the border with Ipswich Borough Council, as they have face boy racers and diversions from the A14 at Sproughton due to works.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk Highways said: "Whilst the road closure in place is to support the new development, all planned road closures are reviewed by Suffolk County Council’s network assurance team.

"This process includes assessing signage and diversion routes and ensuring the proposed diversion route is suitable for the road that is being closed.

"The diversion routes should be ‘like for like’ or a higher classification of road to the one that is being closed to accommodate all vehicle types.

"A contraflow traffic management system could not be used due to the roads being at different heights."