Ipswich has already had a few new food businesses open their doors this year, including Canadian coffee and fast-food chain Tim Hortons, pizza place Storico and baking business Blossom Rose Cakes.

Here are five more that are due to arrive this spring:

1. Vikings Bakehouse

Where: Issacs, Ipswich Waterfront

Vikings bakehouse is a new vegan cafe and bake shop planned to be located inside the popular Issacs Bar.

Issac's director Nathanial Coughlan said: "Vikings Bakehouse will be a kitchen, first and foremost. Historically, it used to be a pizza bar back in the day.

"It will open as its own grab and go in the fullness of time - hopefully, in the spring. We're describing it as a plant-based Greggs-style grab and go.

"The name 'Vikings' is a nod to my love of history, as well as the popularity of things like The Dig and Sutton Hoo. The Vikings were people that used natural-based, whole foods."

2. Honey + Harvey

Where: 4-6 Queen Street, Ipswich

The popular Woodbridge-based coffee chain has soft-launched its long-anticipated Ipswich branch.

Based on the breakfast and brunch business model Honey + Harvey perfected, the Ipswich branch will also be more adaptable, following food trends, and adjusting to suit dietary requirements.

Head chef James Creasey reassured: "Everything on the menu is going to be 'pretty' and very Instagrammable."

The full launch will be taking place on March 2.

3. Saxon Brewery

Where: Martlesham Heath

Saxon Brewery Company is aiming to set up a microbrewery in Martlesham Heath in a unit that had previously been a server room.

They intend to install a 10-barrel brewhouse, with a 22.5 square meter mezzanine floor to be used as a taproom.

The new company also hopes to sell small quantities of their beer from the unit, strictly for consumption off-premises.

4. The Botanist

Where: The Cornhill, Ipswich

Despite delays, anticipation for the opening of the Ipswich Botanist is building, as electrical equipment including cooking ranges arrive at the Old Post Office.

Ipswich Borough Council leader David Ellesmere said: "They're still looking at opening at the end of April or in May and there's no reason to worry about that.

"However, there's always the chance that something else could happen to cause a delay - but it's all coming along very well."

5. Caprinos Pizza

Where: Carr Street

The pizza chain Caprino's Pizza hopes to start a new franchise in East Anglia, leading with a shop in Ipswich.

Franchise boss Michael Anthony said this is one of 10 pizza places he's looking at opening adding: "We should be opening in Ipswich in April".