Chantry fish and chip shop continues award streak

Ozzie Bozdag of Codfellas in Chantry is delighted to have scooped a Prestige Award. 

Ozzie Bozdag of Codfellas in Chantry is delighted to have scooped a Prestige Award. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

A popular Ipswich eatery has earned itself further recognition with another best fish and chip shop award.

Codfellas, on Greenfinch Avenue in Chantry, has been announced as the best fish and chip shop in the London and the South East Prestige Awards 2022. 

Director Ozzie Bozdag said he was feeling proud and grateful to his community, who have supported him “from the bottom to the top.” 

This is not the first prize for the popular takeaway shop, which was awarded a National Federation of Fish Fryers (NFFF) Quality Accreditation in 2021, and is regularly rated as one of Ipswich’s favourite places to eat. 

Ozzie was invited to take part in the competition by one of its project managers, and was delighted to discover that he had won. 

“To open the doors to these competitions, as an establishment you need to have at least three awards already,” he explained. 

“We have the Good Food Awards, and the National Fish and Chip Quality Award, which is by the NFFF.” 

Director Ozzie said he couldn’t possibly reveal the secret to his success – but that hard work, dedication and passion play a huge part. 

Ozzie Bozdag, owner of CodFellas in Chantry

Ozzie said that passion, hard work and dedication play a role in his success. - Credit: Danielle Booden

He himself works from six in the morning until ten o’clock at night, but remains enthusiastic about serving his customers his award-winning fare. 

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“Some members of my staff ask me, how can you still have that smile everyday?” he said. 

“When I train my staff, I tell them: 'I can teach you everything I know, but the one thing I cannot give you is my passion.' 

“The golden rule is, we value every customer and treat them with respect. They are the key to our success.” 

He also said he refused to compromise on the quality of his ingredients and was proud of his high standards. 

He said: "I have a great community behind me here in Chantry. I cannot appreciate them enough - I had some hard times after losing my grandfather. I had to shut the shop for two, three weeks.  

"The support I had from them was unbelievable. That’s why Chantry has a special place in my heart. They have supported me from the bottom to the top." 

Ozzie will be heading to London soon, and looks forward to receiving Codfellas’ trophy soon.